Empty Pockets Rebuilds

Custom Built Farm Toys.

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 My name is Taylor Foster and my wife, Mady, and I live in North Liberty, Iowa with our two dogs. 

     I work construction and my dad and I have always been collectors of custom farm toys. We have gone to several farm toy shows together. Growing up on a farm and having a dad in the field tiling business, I started looking for field tile toys but was unable to find them. I knew since I couldn’t find them, that there had to be a market that was untapped. 

     I created my business, Empty Pockets Rebuilds in January 2021. I now create custom, hand painted field tile toys and other tiling equipment. I know there are other people out there that want these too, so I am trying to fill that void. 

     The toys are created from plastic resin and a 3-D printer, and then are carefully hand painted and assembled. My wife does a lot of the detail painting. Our goal is make the most realistic product for our customers.

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